Cup of tea : ensenble

Cup of tea : ensenble

A simple hotel that enhances the experience of travel.

A hotel was established with the concept of “enhancing the experience of travel through a simple hotel” to provide guests with their own “cup of tea” journey and time. The building, originally a bank, was renovated using locally sourced materials, showcasing its regional resources. The hotel is designed with a focus on group stays, featuring an open lounge on the first floor accessible to both guests and the local community, while the upper floors are dedicated to guest rooms.

The Concept

This project began with the perspective of reimagining the future of hotels in the Hida region. Among various accommodation types, the concept was to create an open and connected lodging experience that integrates with the local tourist resources, rather than being a self-contained facility. To reconstruct the region’s unique characteristics for the next generation, exploration was made into what could be achieved in architecture and interior design, leading to the concept of “Micro Vernacular.” This concept aimed to break down the indigenous vernacular into a scale where it could be implemented in the shortest distance, while fitting into the larger framework of societal systems and constructing a new form of architecture that operates within the short-distance cycles of the environment and society. In the resource-rich city of Takayama, where forests cover approximately 90% of the land, it is undeniable that the majority of these forests consist of coniferous trees such as planted cedar. To sustainably utilize and pass on these forest resources to future generations, it is believed that the act of thinning should not only focus on forest maintenance but also be industrialized and encouraged for use, becoming an asset for the Hida region, which boasts the highest proportion of forests in Japan. Furthermore, in this project, approximately 1,000 thinned cedar materials were used for both the interior and exterior. By partnering with HIDA: Hida Sangyo, who specializes in wood handling and processing, from timber procurement to custom-made furniture, it was possible to realize the utilization of wood in various aspects of the project.


Cup of tea : ensenble

Year: 2020
Catergory: Creative Direction / Concept making / Material Design / Product design

Logo / Material / Product / Interior

Cup of tea : ensenble

Company / Client : Takuro Nakamura ( inari inc. )
Architect : Atsushi Nakamura ( Kraft Architects )
Creative Direction / Art Direction : Kazuhiko Hayakawa ( H inc. )
Wood Processing Partner : HIDA / Hida Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Natural Stain Material : Kei Kato ( Kakibushi )
Structural Design : Hiroki Fukazawa
Construction : Tanaka Corporation
Photo : Masao Nishikawa / Munetaka Onodera

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