Functional dog wear

We have created the season collection visuals for “ALPHAICON,” a functional dogwear brand based in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Our work also includes the design of catalogs, posters, and other graphic tools. ALPHAICON specializes in developing high-performance dog apparel that incorporates features such as waterproofing, mosquito protection, stretchable fabrics, and insulation, catering to various seasons and situations like snowy winters or summer activities near water sources with mosquitoes. To showcase the collections released each season, we have produced visuals featuring dogs in scenarios that align with the products and created catalogs, posters, and other promotional materials. Our focus is on conveying the appeal of these products with their diverse functionalities through visuals that immediately capture attention. Additionally, we have carefully selected appropriate typefaces that align with the high-performance and comfortable nature of the ALPHAICON brand, ensuring a cohesive overall branding approach.



Year: 2021
Catergory: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design, Photo Direction

Branding / Collection Catalogue / Poster / Graphic

Client: ICONS Inc.

Creative Direction:Kazuhiko Hayakawa ( H inc. )
Art Direction: Hiroka Hasegawa ( H inc. )
Graphic Design: Hiroka Hasegawa ( H inc. )
Photo Direction: Kazuhiko Hayakawa, Hiroka Hasegawa ( H inc. )
Photographer: Yoko Nakamura, Koichi Inoue, Watanabe ( Fran Dog Photostudio )
Photo Retouch: Mitsutaka Goto, Masaru Kataoka ( Pygmalion )

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