A brand that swiftly updates its products through direct communication with customers.

We have been involved in the entire process, from conceptual planning and business model development to creative direction and product design. Our skincare brand utilizes the concept of “agile development,” which is commonly used in software development, to quickly incorporate user feedback and update our products. This approach challenges the conventional practices of the skincare industry, known for its lengthy product development cycles. In addition to product development, we have created various design systems that enable sustainable communication and consistent branding. Our brand name, AGILE, reflects our commitment to swift product updates through direct communication with our customers. We prioritize the pursuit of effectiveness rather than relying solely on image, and our team has worked together to redefine skincare without being confined by traditional notions. Our goal has always been to improve the skin, and we have steadily gained customers’ trust, leading to domestic and international expansion, including Taiwan, Singapore, and China. Starting as an unknown brand, we have gradually gained a growing customer base due to the trust placed in our products. Today, we are expanding not only within Japan but also internationally, thanks to our dedicated team and customer support.


Good Design Award
Top Award Asia



Catergory: Creative Direction / Art Direction / Package Design / Graphic Design / UX,UI Design / Phoro Direction

Brand Concept / Logo / VI CI / Package / Web / Visual / CG / Photography

Client: Laboratory inc.

Creative Direction: Kazuhiko Hayakawa ( H inc. )
Art Direction / Graphic Design / UX,UI Design : Hiroka Hasegawa ( H inc. )

and others.

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