Elegance and fantasy in the world of sake

We were responsible for the branding and creative direction of luxury Japanese sake brand “SAKE HUNDRED,” since its launch. We carried out the production and direction of key visuals and videos for the promotion of their new product, “SHINSEI.” “SHINSEI” stands out among sparkling sakes as a product intended to be enjoyed during meals rather than as an aperitif. We have depicted the elegance of the brand along with the product’s distinctive features in a fantastical setting.

Traditionally, sparkling sake has been enjoyed as an aperitif due to its richness of flavor and distinctiveness. However, “SHINSEI” offers a deep, luscious taste hidden within its clarity, accompanied by gentle and beautiful bubbles that create a lingering and elegant finish. It combines refinement and complexity, truly showcasing its excellence when paired with food. It is the pinnacle of sparkling sake. In the promotional visuals, we have portrayed the richness of the dining experience and the moments it creates as a single visual composition.

The creation:

The scene is set at night, beneath a starry sky that evokes the imagery of sparkling bubbles. It portrays a diverse group of men and women enjoying “SHINSEI” and food. By employing a camera angle that looks up from below, we have captured the expressions of individuals and the enchanting sky within a single visual. This approach aims to project the richness of time itself in a fantastical and elegant world, rather than solely focusing on the tabletop.



Year: 2021
Catergory: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Movie Direction

Graphic, Movie


Total Direction: H inc.
Creative Direction: Kazuhiko Hayakawa ( H inc. )
Art Direction: Kazuhiko Hayakawa ( H inc. ) / Hiroka Hasegawa ( H inc. )
Design: Kazuhiko Hayakawa ( H inc. ) / Hiroka Hasegawa ( H inc. )
Produce: Ryuya Narita ( LON inc. )
Project Manager: Masato Morokuma ( LON inc. )

Photography: Hiroshi Manaka
Photography Assist: Yuji Endo
Retouch: Chie Shuto ( RIZING(amana) )
Styling: Shino Itoi
Styling Assist: Haruka Minei
Prop Styling: Akiko Chiba
Art Styling: Takashi Imayoshi
Food Styling: Midori Moniwa
Food Styling Assist: Misaki Miyata

Produce: Shin Kato (P.I.C.S.)
Movie Direction: Chad Reeves ( MANAGEMENT8 )
Cinematography: Jin Ito ( CONNECTION )
Lighting direction: Yoshihiro Ohte ( LIGHT UP )
Colorlist: Naotaka Takahashi ( L’espace Vision )
Online Edition: Kotaro Yamazaki ( SOUP STUDIO )
Music Produce: Shotaro Tsurumaru ( otoco )

Casting Direction: Ryosuke Horikawa ( HIBANA inc. )
Cast: Tiara / Eva.d / TETSU / David.R

Production: H inc., LON inc., P.I.C.S.

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