M+W Shoda Masahiro

M+W Shoda Masahiro

Independence as Portrait Photography

We have created the portfolio website for photographer Masahiro Shoda, who works on a wide range of genres such as graphic advertising, television commercials, and magazine series. The creative concept of the website focuses on accurately conveying Shoda’s allure as a “portrait photographer” through a collection of advertising photographs, personal works, and other photography. In the presentation of advertising photography, we deliberately removed the layout of advertisement graphics from the photographs, allowing them to stand alone as independent images and showcase their pure strength and presence. Furthermore, in line with the M+W logo design, the website’s overall design features a consistent use of thin typography and lines. Through delicate information presented by these thin lines, the website creates a visual world that envelops the photographs, reflecting the individuality and allure of the subjects captured.


M+W Shoda Masahiro

Year: 2022
URL: https://nnvv.jp/
Catergory: Creative Direction, Art Direction, UX/UI Design


Client: M+W

Creatve Direction: Kazuhiko Hayakawa ( H inc. )
Art Direction: Hiroka Hasegawa ( H inc. )
UX/UI Design: Hiroka Hasegawa ( H inc. )
Back-end Development: Kiki Hasegawa ( mud inc. )
Front-end Development: Kiki Hasegawa ( mud inc. )

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