Film streaming service for cinema lovers

We conducted comprehensive branding and creative work for “JAIHO,” a film streaming service for cinema enthusiasts, where experts from around the world select and introduce movies they truly recommend, in the Japanese market, which is predominantly dominated by Hollywood and domestic films.



Year: 2021
URL: https://www.jaiho.jp/
Catergory: Branding / Creative Direction / Art Direction / Graphic Design / UX,UI Design

Logo / Bramd Identity / Graphic / Web / App / Movie

Client: TWIN

Creatve Direction: Kazuhiko Hayakawa ( H inc. )
Art Direction: Hiroka Hasegawa ( H inc. )
UX/UI Design: Hiroka Hasegawa ( H inc. )
Back-end Development: IIJ
Front-end Development: ZIZO inc.
and Others.

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