Book-based branding

We have conducted comprehensive branding for “Hiraku Co., Ltd.,” an independent entity that originated from Japan Publishing Sales Corporation. The company aims to provide spaces and enriching experiences centered around books. Our work encompassed logo design, brand identity development, and the creation of a comprehensive website showcasing their achievements. For the logo and brand identity, we developed an original Japanese hiragana typeface specifically for the name “Hiraku.” This resulted in a logo that is befitting of a company that deals with books comprehensively. Taking inspiration from the colorful arrangement of book spines, we incorporated vibrant colors as a part of the brand identity. This visually represents the diverse projects and initiatives that “Hiraku” will undertake, akin to the various forms and expressions found within a book.

The structure and graphic system are designed with the motif of book spines to visually communicate the wide range of business activities.

The website design draws inspiration from book spines to present their achievements. To accurately convey their extensive involvement in various areas, ranging from business development to creative direction and dispatching book managers, we structured the website with visually accessible categories for each business aspect. This allows for detailed explanations and provides a clear understanding of the breadth of “Hiraku’s” activities, highlighting their significant role in supporting the protagonists behind the scenes.



Year: 2021
URL: https://hiraku.info/
Catergory: Creative Direction / Art Direction / Graphic Design / UX/UI Design

Branding / Logo / Web / Graphic

Client: NIPPAN

Creative Direction:Kazuhiko Hayakawa ( H inc. )
Art Direction: Hiroka Hasegawa ( H inc. )
Graphic / UX / UI Design: Hiroka Hasegawa ( H inc. )
Back-end & Front-end Development: Kiki Hasegawa ( mud Inc. )

Photographer: Kenya Chiba

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